Khama’s FB post of Tawana’s son attracts mixed reations

Francinah Baaitse Mmana

“He (Oatile) was the one who sent me that picture and asked me to post it.” KHAMA

Former president Seretse Khama Ian Khama, on Tuesday shared his family picture, side by side with that of Oatile Moremi, apparent heir to the Batawana chieftainship, Kgosi Tawana Moremi on his Facebook wall.

The uncanny similarities in the two pictures in which both Khama and Oatile are young boys sitting on the laps of their parents attracted mixed reactions on social media with some singing praises to former president and others trying to figure out the message behind the images.

An ardent Khama detractor, Kabelo Masvingo Kgware Mhuriro who was recently appointed to the Botswana Democratic party (BDP) communications committee wrote, “How dare you even share this? You may be the child’s Godfather but you must be reminded of the pain you inflicted on Tawana and how your deeds influenced the break up.”


Asked what he meant in a follow-up interview, Mhuriro went on to say, “We all know that Khama does not like Tawana and he displayed that going towards 2009 general elections when he spoke about Tawana’s family at a political rally. He was staying with Tawana’s son at the time as his Godfather and when he was saying these things he was with Tawana’s wife.”

Although Mhuriro claims Khama played a role in ending Batawana paramount chief’s marriage, Khama has denied it, “I had no part in their marriage breakdown and what anyway would I gain by doing so. I am Oatile’s godfather. We interact a lot.”

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To show the extent of his relations with Batawana royalty, Khama added that, it was in fact Oatile who sent him the picture and asked him to share it on social media, “He (Oatile) was the one who sent me that picture and asked me to post it. If I was kgosi Tawana’s enemy or if I contributed to their marriage breakdown I would not have posted that particular picture. In fact Kgosi Tawana has never been my enemy,” Khama quipped.

INFLUENTIAL: Oatile Moremi
INFLUENTIAL: Oatile Moremi

Oatile could not be reached for comment. However in 2019 during his father’s birthday celebrations at Batawana main kgotla in Maun, Oatile explained that he never stayed with Khama as it has been publicised in local media platforms.

He said, “My father is a very special man. I know most of you may have heard in newspapers that I have been living with the former president Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, My elders; I only thought it right for me to come and inform you that, that is not true. I have never lived with him except going on holiday you see, but he has influenced me to be what I am today.”

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