Grumpy granny stops play

HIGH DRAMA: Action from the final, once the ball was finally given back!

There was an unusual break in play during the latter stages of a five-a-side tournament at Francistown’s Selepa Park last Sunday when a wayward shot flew into an old woman’s backyard.

Annoyed at the disturbance, the grumpy granny seized the football and refused to give it back, promptly locking herself and the ball inside the house.

There she remained hidden away for well over an hour, refusing to come to the door and ignoring the frustrated cries of players and spectators alike begging for the ball to be returned.

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Unfortunately, with no other football available, the tournament came to a standstill.

With night setting in, it was only the threat of a phone call to the police that finally convinced the old lady to return the ball – albeit very begrudgingly!

In the end, the four-team tournament, which was sponsored by area MP, Buti Billy, and attracted a sizeable crowd, including a Media XI boasting Voice journalists (we lost both our games to finish in last place!), was won by Ko Pitseng social club.

Having scrapped past the media side 5-3 in the semis, the home favourites trounced Francistown Taxi Association Selepa 9-3 in a one-sided final to claim the trophy.

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