DNA Results change dad’s fate

Christinah Motlhabane
BACK IN COURT: Suspect accused of raping his 11-year-old daughter

Charge amended from incest to rape

A 41-year-old man who allegedly defiled his 11-year-old daughter while her mother slept in the same bed has seen the charges against him changed from incest to rape.

Currently out on bail, the unemployed suspect, who cannot be named to protect the little girl’s identity, appeared before Francistown Magistrates Court on Tuesday for status update.

He is accused of raping his daughter at the family home in Block 2 location, sometime around June 2021 – the exact date is not known to the prosecution.

The case first came before the courts in September, where a charge of incest was laid against the suspect.

However, the prosecution have since received the DNA results from the forensic lab, leading to an unexpected twist.

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“The result does not support evidence of incest. However we make an application to substitute a charge of incest with a correct one which is rape,” stated Prosecutor Cecilia Nchochi.

The implications of her statement were seemingly lost on the accused, who immediately pleaded not-guilty to the charge.

The matter was initially reported to Kutlwano Police by the child’s mother, with the rape allegedly occurring right under her nose.

The suspect is said to have woken his daughter, removing her from her blankets and placing her on top of his bed, where he allegedly satisfied his sexual desires while his long-time girlfriend snored next to him.

The unsuspecting woman eventually woke up and, after illuminating the room with her cellphone, was reportedly shocked to see her boyfriend having sex with their daughter.

In his second mention, the accused asked to be given psychological help.

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“I have been against Gender Based Violence since long back and I am here, confused of what happened. I raised my child for 12 years with love and I am asking myself if a person can change in a minute. I pray with this court to give me permission to see the doctors for counselling because I am really shocked,” he had asked court back in October.

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