DIS caves in to Butterfly’s demands

Sharon Mathala
CALLING OUT DIS: Welheminah Maswabi

•Maswabi appears in court today

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In her ongoing battle against her employer the Directorate of intelligence and Security (DIS), embattled spy, Welheminah Mphoeng Maswabi also known as Butterfly has won another round against the DIS.

Maswabi who faces serious charges of financing terrorism, possession of unexplained property and false declaration of passports was suspended from work last year November pending investigations and the outcome of her case.

Her suspension however meant that she will continue receiving her full salary and her other benefits.

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She was also instructed not to leave Gaborone without authorization.

In her statutory notice of intention to sue dated 22 January 2020, Maswabi states through her lawyer, Uyapo Ndadi that, “On 14 January 2020, the director General not only withheld the claimant’s (Maswabi) overtime allowance but also withheld the claimant’s (Maswabi) half salary and other emoluments leaving her with a net pay of P0.00.”

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In her intent to sue letter ‘Butterfly’ further says she was never consulted about this variation rendering the Directorate’s decision unlawful.

“The claimant is for no unlawful reason being financially embarrassed and her credit worthiness compromised because she would not be able to service her monthly stop orders for loans and other commitments,” further reads her intent to sue.

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The DIS has since caved in to Maswabi’s intent and have paid her. The Voice can confirm that the DIS did not respond to Maswabi’s letter of intent to sue but rather credited her account with her salary.

“She just received the message report of her salary save for the overtime allowance. I don’t know why they had decided, unlawfully so to withhold her pay,” an insider close to Maswabi revealed.

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This was also confirmed by her lawyer Ndadi in a telephonic interview. Ndadi further said that they have credited her salary excpet for her overtime allowance something which he says they will challenge once the 30 day elapses.
Maswabi who was dramatically granted bail last year November is expected to appear before court today (February 07 2020).

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