Dibeela denies BDP association

Daniel Chida

Vice president of the Botswana National Front, Prince Dibeela has dismissed a circulating Whatsapp conversation supposedly between him and some Botswana Democratic Party members as a hoax.

In an interview with The Voice, Dibeela who will be challenging BNF president, Duma Boko for the party’s top seat said the conversation was constructed by people who are afraid of competition. “They are afraid of competition, I wish to put it on record that this is a mere concoction by desperate people whose purpose is to malign and cast aspersion on my character. This conversation is not authentic and I wish there could be someone out there, with the technical knowhow, who can decipher the origin of this malevolent scheme.”

Dibeela said those who know him would recall that he has always fought against the misrule of the BDP.

He said that for over twenty years he has worked with the opposition and civil society to build a movement which culminated in the current Umbrella for Democratic Change. “I have never been a member of the BDP nor have I ever associated myself with its policies.”

Dibeela explained that his name and picture have been superimposed on a fake account. “I do not have a personal relationship with President Mokgweetsi Masisi, or whoever it is I’m alleged to have been talking to.The fake whatsaap conversation is a cheap stunt that has come to characterize the dirty politics of this country. I believe it constitutes cyber crime and as such will be reporting it to the police.”

“We are aware that the target on my person stems from my interest in contesting for the leadership of the BNF. To some gate-keepers in the BNF this is unthinkable that someone should be daring to challenge the current leader for the top position.”

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He said he found the move ridiculous and lamentable as the BNF is a movement grounded on democratic principles, which encourage the people to decide at congresses who they prefer as their leaders.

“However, the criminal element within the BNF who have the party beholden to them are all out to denigrate my person by concocting stories about me and those in the Team Restoration, who are running for leadership with me. The fact is they are afraid of democratic contest. A couple of months ago one of the young men, known for his insolence, made the outrageous claim in a public platform, that I had a meeting with the Secretary General of the BDP, at which he encouraged me to stand for the Presidency of the BNF. This is just part of the smear campaign against those of us who want to exercise our democratic right to contest at the next congress,” he explained.

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