Debswana avails facilities for vaccination


Debswana has offered support to the National Vaccination Deployment Plan by availing its facilities and medical services to assist with the rollout of vaccines starting Wednesday this week.

This is already being done at Jwaneng and Orapa facilities, where both testing and vaccination for neighbouring communities and employees have been taking place for several months now.

Debswana Corporate Centre (DCC) is also availing a portion of its campus to assist with the local vaccination efforts, which has been set-up in accordance with the requisite guidelines for a vaccination site under the guidance and approval of the Greater Gaborone District Health Management Team (DHMT).

The DCC campus COVID-19 vaccination site will be operated in accordance with the prescribed national phased implementation parameters, as pronounced by Government (including registration on the national online portal), and subject to vaccine availability.

The vaccination point will be available to eligible employees, dependents, business partners, as well as mining sector employees.

The public from surrounding communities will be able to access the DCC vaccination site as well, albeit not directly, but through coordinated referrals from other Government designated vaccination centres within the greater Gaborone area in order to augment the overall workload for the region as might be required by the DHMT.

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Debswana’s Acting Managing Director, Lynette Armstrong, said “This initiative forms part of our commitment to stand by our Government and community during these times of upheaval due to the ongoing pandemic.”

She has urged eligible employees, dependants, business partners, including employees from the mining sector to register online and join hands in the critical efforts to save lives.

“We are grateful to Botswana Government for including the mining sector employees as part of the essential services cadre for the vaccination programme,”said the MD in a statement.

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