Chilling’out Fri 11 November 2022

Suggie Fisher

Wasuup Suggie?

Gospel artist Suggie Fisher had her friends worried this past weekend. The singer announced on her Facebook wall that her five-year-old marriage was over.

Initially most of her friends thought she was joking after she posted complaining about the challenges of being in a long distance relationship.

It was definitely out of character for Fisher who rarely shares much about her private life, except her music on social media. The singer’s melt down continued as she vowed to release her husband in peace.

Fisher never gave any reasons for her statements, which led to some concerned friends believing that she was hacked. The posts have since been deleted, but it was too late as keen eyed keyboard warriors had already made screenshots. Whatever it is you’re going through, Shaya wishes you well.

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Journos at crossroads

The recent appointments of some private media journalists to the ruling party’s Communications Sub committee has apparently sowed seeds of mistrust within the media fraternity.

Apparently the BDP appointing authority rewarded journalists who have been sympathetic towards them, and in the process sending a clear message to other scribes that there’s a reward for toeing the line.

Shaya will be keeping an eye on Cdes to see if their pens are still as sharp as ever.

Thirsty times for football

As if it was not painful enough that re itshamekela hela (running Botswana Football League without a sponsor) Police XI surprised many with their Man of the Match award.

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The Jungle Kings Facebook Page Administrator posted the handing over of a dummy cheque of P100 from the club hydration partner, Aquabliss, for Man of the Match Tonderai Nyakuba in their league game against Township Rollers at the weekend.

Are we really that desperate? Come on hydration partner! Surely you can do better at least go pusha BW. You see that was a bad PR and people are threatening not to buy your water.

Our football has regressed. Last season Man of the Match was worth P1, 000 now it’s a mere clipa! Shaya is asking if we are really serious when preaching football commercialisation.

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Chilling’out Fri 11 November 2022

A Sly dig

There was a post on Tuesday that went viral on social media by Dikatso Selemogwe about RB2 DJ Sly bullying a young upcoming DJ live on his evening show.

Sly apparently mocked the young DJ who was nervous and said he was wondering if he could be a DJ when he couldn’t even talk about his album live on air.

After seeing the post, a lot of promoters posted on social media asking the public to help with the young DJ’s contacts so that they could book him for shows.

Shaya’s advice to DJ Sly is that, you have been on radio for years and you are an inspiration to many and what you did is uncalled for. You owe the young lad a public apology.

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