Puna Gagabasiane marks a milestone with a new release

Tumisang Dale Rankopo
LOCAL LEGEND: Punah Gabasiane

Botswana jazz heavyweight Punah Gabasiane earlier this month dropped her brand new single, Tholwana as she commemorates 25 years in the music industry.

The new single, recorded at Young and Authentic studios can be described as a blend of afro jazz and Botswana traditional sounds with Gabasiane’s voice piercing through as both lead and backing vocals.

The stellar production is a arranged by Lereko Lesole with a fusion of modern drum programming of Fella, which was easy notice as the track begins with his signature producer tag.

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Gabasiane as the lyricist behind Tholwana contemplates the disappointment of betrayal. She believes the message is heavily relatable to young and old audiences alike.

She says, “Tholwana is a song about betrayal. We all have at one point in our lives experienced betrayal from various relations we have. Either from our friends, lovers or even worst from our trusted families. The song captures anguish and disappointment evoking strong feelings of empathy.”

An interesting creative choice would be the inclusion of popular producer Fella on the Beat, who is known more for his Hip Hop and RnB production.

Speaking on the collaboration, Gabasiane states the decision was based on Fella’s production prowess. “He has been creating waves as a producer and is very good at mixing sounds and sound mastering. Last year he won the BOMU award for Best Producer, that is where I scouted him,” she highlighted.

The new single, Tholwana is hinted as just a snippet of a much greater celebration later this year as Punah Gabasiane celebrates a landmark 25 years in the music industry.

She shared, “In August this year I will have a celebratory 25th anniversary concert featuring some of our BW legends and upcoming jazz musicians. Dates will be announced soon.”

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