Celeb edition with Thongbotho Mogatle

Oleosi Kgosi
SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATION: Mmaboroso doing her thing

Ever since uploading a clip of herself devouring boerewors back in 2021, 24-year-old comedian, Thongbotho Mogatle, has sizzled on social media – just like the sausages she so loves.

The young comic now boasts a Facebook following in excess of 153, 000 as well as 100, 000 followers on Tik Tok, with her videos garnering over 1.6 million views.

With her family-friendly style of humour, Mogatle has worked with big companies such as Choppies and Puma Energy Botswana as she takes her brand to new heights.

Kindly tell us a bit about yourself?

Thongbotho Mogatle, famously known as ‘Mmaboroso’ was born in Serowe.

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I am a girl who has been mistaken for a boy throughout my life – perhaps because I almost look like a boy or maybe because growing up, I copied what my brothers were doing, including their dressing style.

Where does your interest in comedy stem from?

Growing up I was always the funny kid; back in my junior and senior school days, I was the class clown.

Embarking on this comedy journey was more of an adventure for me because I knew I just had to keep it real and be myself.

I don’t have to be relevant by following Facebook trends!

I just focus on giving a hundred percent on my content and making sure it’s clean because one of the days I know I am going to be a role model to the younger generation coming after me, so I have to lead by example.

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What do you regard as the highlight of your career so far?

The biggest highlight of my comedy life so far is the support and love I got from the nation after my video where I was removed from the stage by a bodyguard at Vee’s Last Man Standing show went viral.

It was so embarrassing but I got a lot of messages that encouraged me to be strong and always keep it clean, I felt loved.

Celeb edition with Thongbotho Mogatle
FOOTBALL FANATIC: Mogatle has a natural knack for making people laugh

And the one all your fans are desperate to know – tell us about your undying love for boerewors, ‘Boroso’?

I have always loved Boroso; it’s just that having stayed in Gaborone, where Beef is expensive, it was hard for me to eat it as much as I wanted.

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But when I moved to Ngamiland, where beef is surprisingly cheaper, I can now afford to eat it in excess.

Apart from making people laugh, what else are you good at?

I’m also good at being a mother to my siblings and I play football.

I am currently the captain of FC Ambassadors ladies football team in Gaborone.

What do you hope to achieve this year?

I just hope this year comes with growth especially content.

I hope my content becomes international and that it attracts big brands locally who will want to work with me.

If you were made President of Botswana, how would you support the comedy industry?

The Covid era was tough and traumatizing.

One of the biggest ways to help people survive the stress was comedy by our own people, in our language and using familiar circumstances.

So, if an opportunity became available to occupy the highest office in the nation, I would ensure that comedy gets properly recognised and is featured on national television and other free media platforms.

Laughter is medicine! To date I see people commenting on silly posts by comedians, saying how their day was so bad and the post just helped them through.

Now that’s something worth pursuing for as long as I can!

How’s the love life going – is there a lucky partner in your life?

I’m single, they don’t want me because I would finish the food alone (laughing).

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I do not smoke nor drink
2. My favourite traditional food is beans
3. I was bullied for my looks at junior school
4. I almost became a victim of rape when I was 11 years old
5. I am a great dancer

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