Celeb edition with Reagile Kopi

Sharon Mathala
DETERMINED: Reagile Kopi

25-year-old Reagile Kopi has worked her way up from her Mantlwaneng days to hosting her own show on Gabz FM. This week Celeb Edition visits the petite radio host for a chat.

You have done incredibly well since first gracing the nation’s airwaves. Briefly take us through your career journey to date.

I started out on a kids TV show, Mantlwaneng on Btv as a presenter. I’ve hosted numerous shows over the years, from My African Dream to Gemstones IMTA talent search and currently Travelogue Botswana on Btv, African Youth In Business and REA Online TV Talk Show on Now! TV. Every Friday and Saturday afternoon on Gabz FM I host a fun, thought provoking show called The Arcade.

You then branched into ReaOnline and your own TV show. Please tell us more about that.

Initially it was a vlog. I wanted to harness my skills as a TV host. I also wanted to test the market with what kind of content they would like for my TV talk show that I would produce later. I also wanted to build a community, a following, a fan base. A few years down the line I partnered with a local technical company that brought together the actual TV talk show and it can be watched on Now! TV. We grew from REAonline to REAonTv

What are some of the stereotypes that come with being a young female in the limelight?

That you’re actually not talented. You’re not smart. You slept your way up. You’re just a pretty, sexy girl hence why you get the jobs.

Who is your favourite person in the world?

Me. Then my maternal grandma. She is my rock, my friend, my mother, my business mentor and support system!

Who is the last person you texted and what did you say?

My friend, One. I was just appreciating her for the good friend she is to me. I like to randomly send appreciation messages to those I love just to remind them of their value in my life.

What is the one thing you do when no one is looking?

I do nothing. I sit in silence. I love my silence and peace! My jobs are so demanding of me, I just enjoy my peace and quiet!

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What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Listen to an affirmations meditation video from YouTube probably by Louise Hay. Speak to God. Think of things I’m grateful for.

Which local artist are you following with keen interest?
Ice Cold Mob, Khoi San, Perion.

Have you ever been fired from a job?
Fortunately no.

Are you a punctual person? Do you normally turn-up late or early for engagements?

It really depends. With work I’m usually on time or ever early. With friends and family, oh man, I think I’m probably always late!

Five things people don’t know about you.

1. I love food, Setswana cuisine
2. I value honesty, transparency and loyalty
3. I enjoy cooking for my loved ones
4. I do not like admin work
5. People think my high energies are just for TV and the gram! I really am a hyper person on or off camera

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