Belabela quarries rebuild Matebeleng kgotla

Baitshepi Sekgweng
AFTER: Matebeleng Kgotla now looks better than ever

As a way of giving back to the community it operates in, BelaBela Quarries have rebuilt the Matebeleng Kgotla gutted by a raging fire late last year.

The blaze broke out during maintenance work being conducted at ‘leobo la Kgotla’, when a spark from a grinder made contact with the thatched roof, burning it to ashes.

As a result, the Matebeleng people were deprived of a place to call a kgotla; and that’s when BelaBela Quarries stepped in!

Belabela quarries rebuild Matebeleng kgotla
BEFORE: The burnt down kgotla

The project, which gobbled P600, 000, is part of BelaBela’s commitment to demonstrating exactly what aggregates can achieve in society when used properly.

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Speaking to Voice Money, the company’s Health and Safety Officer, Ungi Kome added the gesture was also influenced by the fact that they spent zero Pula on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the last financial year.

“We have a good working relationship and cooperation with the people of Matebeleng so following the tragedy we saw it fit to go and assess the situation and assist. It’s our intentions to keep on helping them for as long as we operate here,” she stressed.

BelaBela Quarries have a proud history of assisting the people of Matebeleng.

In 2017, they built two pre-school classrooms for Matebeleng Primary School and regularly send their grader to maintain the gravel road from Matebeleng to the quarry.

Belabela quarries rebuild Matebeleng kgotla
WINNING DUO: Ungi Kome and Galaletsang Motladiile

Highlighting the special relationship between the village and BeleBela, a mining engineer at the quarry, Galaletsang Motladiile, told Voice Money, “They are the nearest village to the quarry and mostly they come here to seek help and donations more often.

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“We engage them when we do geological surveys and prospections in the area so we have forged a formidable relationship we them which is symbiotic. But our focus is not only on Matebeleng but all the villages around the quarry.”

Located on the outskirts of Matebeleng, BelaBela Quarries has been in operation since 2004. It specializes in production of aggregates, crusher sand and has created employment for 75 locals from the village and surrounding areas.

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