BCP Plot to topple Keorapetse

Daniel Chida
MP SELEBI PHIKWE WEST: Dithapelo Keoraparetse

*MP accused of being more loyal to Boko

*The party cannot go around policing personal friendships- BCP SG

Member of Parliament for Selibe-Phikwe West, Dithapelo Keorapetse could face an uphill battle to retain the constituency if reports of a plot by his party to dislodge him are anything to go by.

The Voice has been reliably informed that a section of BCP leadership plotting Keorapetse’s downfall has already identified a candidate to oust him in the primary elections leading 2024 general elections.

Keorapetse has apparently fallen out of favour with the party leadership over his friendship with the Umbrella for Democratic Change’s President, Duma Boko.

Speaking in an interview, a BCP insider said leadership was accusing Keorapetse of being more loyal to Boko than his party leadership.

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Keorapetse’s detractors have identified a brother to one of the party’s top leaders to wrestle the constituency from him, the source revealed.

The new entrant has reportedly moved to Phase One ward in the mining town where he has already started mobilising supporters.

“Keorapetse is no longer wanted and since he has support within the UDC the best way would be to eliminate him at party level,” explained the source.

However, when asked if he was aware of such a plot to topple him, Keorapetse was cagey with information except to say he was once tipped off but he never took the allegations seriously.

“Several insinuations have been made deliberately to make me look bad especially in the eyes of our President, Dumelang Saleshando and BCP members. These insinuations do not bother me at all because I don’t regulate nor control how people perceive relationships or friendships of others. To think the party or its members can regulate relationships of comrades will be a futile exercise,” quipped Keorapetse.

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He noted that it would be unfortunate if the said narrative were being peddled with an intention to dislodge him from Selibe- Phikwe West and the central committee.

“How can being friends with a UDC leader be a treasonable crime for which I must be crucified? He asked.

“BCP has been a fair party; I don’t think anyone will be persuaded by malicious untruths. It would be comforting to be judged with the content of my character, my service to the people of Phikwe West and Batswana in general and my contributions to the BCP and UDC,” he said.

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“To come to the BCP and talk about Keorapetse as being untrustworthy, disloyal or a spy without an iota of evidence is a gymnastic I don’t wish to glorify with my time, because it would now mean we should all forget about party Constitution and Code of Conduct and stoop to the level of who amongst us goes for coffee with Boko, who amongst us is doing this deal with a BDP Minister, who amongst us is dating this BNF/BPP/AP/BMD/DIS man or woman, who amongst us was seen with DIS people etc. The BCP is far from regulating comrades’ relationships, or friendships and business deals. So I don’t wish to enter that arena.”

“It will be grossly unfair, self-destructive and politically imprudent to remove an MP because he is friends with a coalition leader or anyone for that matter,” he said.

Meanwhile the BCP Secretary General, Phillip Monowe said that he was not aware of the said conspiracy.

“The party cannot go around policing personal friendships and if it is true then it will be unfortunate,” he said.

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