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NEW JOINT IN TOWN: Krust Kulcha Pizza is off to a good start

Although it only turned the ovens on and started operating on 6 April, Krust Kulcha Pizza is off to a promising start.

Based in Ramotswa’s Lesetlhana ward, the restaurant stands out thanks to the bright branding that lights up its wooden exterior and the enticing aroma wafting from its open-cast stove.

The sound of happy diners chatting merrily away while devouring their doughy delights hints at the joint’s laidback atmosphere.

Open from midday to 8pm, from Thursday to Sunday, the pizza-making enterprise is the brainchild of 35-year-old Keletso Dimpe.

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He explains the business was three years in the making, with the pandemic proving the spark.

“I obtained my pizza-making skills mainly through experimentation. This came during the first Covid-19 lockdown; there was a lot of cooking being done! Then I became passionate with making pizza, that passion led me to opening this business. I am also continually improving my skills and learning about new trends and techniques in the industry,” reveals the Botho University graduate, who boasts a degree in Computing.

Operating on both a sit-in and takeaway basis, Dimpe proudly tells Voice Money they average around 50 customers a day.

“The reception of our pizza in the market has been excellent. Our customers appreciate our focus on ingredients, unique flavor combinations and excellent customer service. Our target market includes individuals and families who appreciate high-quality food and a comfortable eating experience. We also cater to businesses and organisations that require catering services for their events,” says the business owner.

Employed as an IT officer in one of the government institutions, Dimpe runs Krust Kulcha Pizza on a part-time basis, employing three youth from his locality.

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With a range of flavours available, including various meat, chicken and vegetarian options, there is plenty of choice for everyone.

Prices start from P40 for a medium-sized pizza, rising to P75 for the ‘make-your-own’ Krusty Special, where customers can choose three toppings from: chicken, beef, salami, mushroom, onion, green pepper, tomato, jalapeño and chilies.

“My passion for cooking and a desire to offer a unique eatery experience to the local community inspired me to venture into this business. I noticed a gap in the market for a pizza restaurant that offers a diverse range of flavors and ingredients, which prompted me to start my own,” explains Dimpe, who admits Botswana’s current ban on importing vegetables, now in its second year, has not made things easy.

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“We have been impacted supply chain challenges. However, we have been able to source locally available vegetables from backyard gardens that meet our quality standards, and we are continually seeking alternative options to maintain our product’s consistency.”

It is still very early days yet, but heartened by the business’ impressive first few weeks, Dimpe is dreaming big for Krust Kulcha’s future.

“I would like to expand by opening additional locations and increasing our menu to include more diverse offerings such as dinning services. I also want to continue providing our customers with exceptionally delicious pizzas that they will remember and recommend to others,” he concludes.

CHEESY TREAT: A krust kulcha special
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