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Keeping it clean

Baitshepi Sekgweng
FULLY FOCUSED: Martin Amogelang

27 Solutions looking to get filthy rich from dirt

A need for quick cash followed by a hopeful Facebook post proved the catalyst for ‘Twenty Seven Solutions’, an enterprise that specialises in cleaning homes and offices.

When Martin Amogelang originally took to social media to advertise her services, during the first Covid-19 enforced lockdown back in 2020, it was meant as a temporary solution to ease her cash-flow woes at the time.

However, taken aback by the response to her post, the 28-year-old Social Studies teacher realised there was plenty of Pula to be made from cleaning and decided to pursue it as a full-time side hustle.

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“I was employed as a temporary teacher at the time and there were always delayed payments for temporary teachers. One weekend, when I was desperately in need of money, I quickly made a flyer advertising a home cleaning business and put it up on Facebook. A few hours later, one client called and I went unprepared to her house and did a good job,” recalls Amogelang, adding word soon spread and demand quickly grew.

“This client referred me to his friends and families and I saw potential in the small business. After a while I had about 20 clients who requested laundry services. I then used the money I made and bought a washing machine and operated from the basis of my house,” the Gaborone-based Serowe native tells Voice Money this week.

While the pandemic was a miserable, scary time for many, Amogelang admits it added to her business’ appeal in the early days.

“It was during the Covid-19 era when people were very interested in having their houses disinfected from the virus and having their spaces clean at all times. So I jumped at the opportunity, more so that I saw a gap in the market community I lived in.”

The business continued to grow and within a year Amogelang had hired an assistant to help out as a laundry attendant.

Fast-forward to today and, whilst Covid has come and seemingly gone, ‘Twenty Seven Solutions’ continues to thrive, with a team that now stands at seven employees – something that comes as a source of great pride to the young business owner.

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“Being able to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment in our country remains one thing I will forever cherish.

“We value our customers and always make sure we provide exceptional service at all times; this have really helped in customer retention and attracting new clients,” reasons Amogelang.

This April, the enterprise made its latest progressive step, moving out of Amogelang’s home to a fully-equipped office in the capital’s Block 3 Industrial location. The cleaning empire also includes an additional depot for operations in Block 5.

‘Twenty Seven Solutions’ range of services covers an array of tasks such as: residential and office cleaning, post construction cleaning, events cleaning, soft landscaping, carpet and upholstery cleaning and laundry services.

The company’s client list features home owners, tenants and the corporate world at large.

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“Seeking contracts remains the biggest challenge, especially when you are a young woman in this industry and having to convince them that your team can and will be able to deliver as expected,” she shares.

Funds permitting, Amogelang plans to take her establishment to the next level by branching out to waste management and manufacturing industrial chemicals.

“This will create mass jobs for the youth,” notes the passionate educator with a twinkle in her eye.

With a demanding, all-consuming nine-to-five job as a full time teacher, Amogelang expertly manages to balance her work in the classroom with her cleaning empire.

“Teaching has always been my fundamental love and to date I strive to do my work diligently hence I have hired young enthusiastic people to help me while I strike a balance between running my business and teaching my beloved students. However, I do engage more in this business after hours and during weekends where I become a cleaner like the rest of my employees,” reveals the bubbly boss.

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