Woman stabs granny killer

Portia Mlilo
WORRIED: Keitumetse


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A grieving granddaughter of a murdered 74- year- old Serowe granny this week avenged her grandma by stabbing the old woman’s suspected killer with a knife outside the courtroom.

Mmabaledi Keitumetse, 24, has been charged with unlawful wounding for allegedly plunging an Okapi into the killer, Keolebile Khubira’s body on Monday in full view of the police.

The murdered old woman and 17-year -old Khubira were neighbours who hitchhiked a ride to the lands together on the day of the homicide.

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When they got off the car to walk to Mabowane lands, the teenager allegedly dragged the old woman into the bush to rape, rob and kill her,
Speaking to The Voice in an interview the old woman’s son, Kgotlayame Keitumetse said the family felt that the police were keeping them in the dark concerning investigations, hence the anger.

According to Kgotlanyane after a passerby reported the murder to the police, it took them the whole day to take the body to the hospital.

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He said the family was also upset that Khubira was immediately set out on bail to enjoy his freedom and life despite the seriousness of the crime he has been charged with.

“We feel the law is protecting this young man and the authorities do not care about the dead person. I don’t justify what my niece has allegedly done, but we were not even given counseling. Tshepo was very close to her granny, She raised her. Even on her insurance, Tshepo was the beneficiary,” he said.

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Explaining the Monday stabbing incident, Kgotlayame said when court started, his niece refused to go inside.

“ She asked me to identify the accused because she did not know him. I did and when I asked her to enter the courtroom she said she was fine outside because she would became emotional if she were to see him,” said Kgotlayame.

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He said after mention he was in the courtroom with the Investigating Officer asking for an update on police findings when he heard a noise outside and rushed to investigate.

‘I found the suspected murderer bleeding and my niece surrounded by the Police and Prisons Officers. I saw a bloody knife on the floor and people were shouting ‘ijoo o mo tlhabile’ (he stabbed him). I was shocked. I didn’t see it happening so we are still waiting for the police to do their investigations and tell us what exactly transpired. They promised to bring a counselor because emotions are high. We are still hurting and asking ourselves about our mother’s death and there are no answers,’ he added

Serowe Police Station Commander Superintendent Poloko Oteng confirmed the incident. He said the murder accused is out on bail so he was not under police escort during the incident.

The vengeful granddaughter was also granted bail after spending one night in police custody. She will be back in court on November 25th.

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