View from the stalls

Gofaone Rammai

BB exhibitors share their success stories

The Business Botswana Northern Trade Fair, held in Francistown last week from Wednesday to Sunday, saw over 140 companies showcasing their products and services.

Under the theme of ‘Sustainable Innovation: Building a Greener Tomorrow’, exhibitors shared their experiences and achievements.

Champion Bouncing Boer Goat and Kalahari Red

Bonang Mafa, aged 37, attended the fair for the first time and made the most of the opportunity.

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Not only did he successfully sell his goats, but he also networked with fellow exhibitors, gaining valuable insights.

The award he received has motivated him to work even harder.

Bonang Mafa

Bonang encourages other exhibitors to participate in the trade fair, emphasising the benefits of learning, relationship-building, and exposure.

His goat-rearing business, which started with Tswana goats in 2020, later transitioned to crossbreeding pure breeds.

Located in Makobo village, Bonang’s farm is thriving.

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Fasteners Hub: Nailing Success

Kagiso Kennedy Wetshootsile (41) and Oratile Wetshootsile (38), brothers from Kanye village, own Fasteners Hub. Despite not winning an award last year, they remained undeterred and returned to the fair.

Their persistence paid off – they secured second place this time.

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Reflecting on their journey, they emphasised the importance of networking and exposure.

The Wetshootsile brothers

Clients now recognise Fasteners Hub as a local manufacturer of nails.

The award validates their commitment to quality.

The brothers urge Batswana to support their business, promising top-notch mild steel round head wire nails in various sizes (2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches), panel pins, U-nails (staple nails), and bolts and nuts.

Chockdue: A Sweet Journey

Gofaone Rammidi, aged 36, represents Chockdue, a Mogoditshane-based chocolate manufacturer.

Although they didn’t win an award, exposure was their primary goal.

Customers showed keen interest in their branding and product offerings.

Chockdue produces a variety of chocolates – milk, dark, and ruby.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the company restructured and emerged stronger in 2020.

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