VEE and wife divorce settlement

Vee (L) Kagiso

Botswana’s celebrity couple, Odirile Sento, known as VEE in the music industry and his wife, Kagiso Sento made a divorce settlement agreement before Maun high court on Wednesday this week

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In a case that was held in private away from the prying eyes of the public before justice Godfrey Nthomiwa, the two have allegedly decided to have joint custody of their minor children aged 15 and 6.

“They don’t want this case to be all over the media due to the way it has been covered previously. Their children have been shuttered by this issue,” said a close friend to the family.

In court Vee’s attorney, Agatha Ray who requested for the matter to be heard in private mentioned that the matter was not just like any other divorce case as it involved public personalities, but could not advance all her reasons as both lawyers were called to a meeting at the judge’s chamber.

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When they emerged the Judge announced his decision to allow the case to be held in private and cleared the court room.

“He is going through a difficult time, so let him be,” Ray told the media.

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The couple who recently changed their marriage regime from in community of property to out of community of property have allegedly decided that each party will keep what belongs to them.

The case was settled amidst allegations that Vee initially wanted to withdraw the matter but his request to reconcile with the wife was unsuccessful.

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