Tshabang questions unfair distribution of developments

Daniel Chida
CONCERNED: Dr Tshabang

Member of Parliament for Nkange, Dr Never Tshabang, recently voiced strong criticism against the ruling party, alleging a failure to fulfill promises of development in his constituency.

In response to the 2024/2025 Budget Speech, Tshabang questioned why commitments to construct a hospital in Tutume have remained unfulfilled despite repeated assurances.

He expressed suspicion regarding the immediate development of Moshupa Hospital coinciding with President Masisi’s assumption of office, suggesting possible favouritism toward the ruling party.

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Tshabang clarified that he is not directly accusing the President of misappropriating a hospital but underscored the coincidence as a cause for concern. “How did that happen or was it merely a peculiar coincidence?” he queried.

Expressing dismay at the ongoing lack of progress, Tshabang highlighted that Tutume Hospital is unlikely to be completed by the end of the financial year, despite prior promises.

He refuted allegations that his constituency receives less funding due to its opposition affiliation, noting that even under the Botswana Democratic Party’s administration, insufficient funds and developmental initiatives were evident.

Tshabang drew attention to the unequal distribution of development across the country, asserting that resources and infrastructure are disproportionately allocated, leaving certain regions neglected. “There is a pressing need for the equitable distribution of resources and development. My statements should not be misconstrued as tribalism but rather a call for fairness,” he emphasized.

He highlighted the prolonged wait for Tutume Hospital since 1986 and juxtaposed it with the development of Moshupa Hospital, despite the latter being situated only 50 kilometers away from Princess Marina and Sir Ketumile Masire Hospitals.

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