Trident wine tasting proves a hit

Kitso Ramono
CHEERS: Attendees at Trident's wine tasting event

Sight, smell, swirl, sip, savour and repeat – this was the order of the day as Trident held a special Wine Tasting event at their Francistown liquor store on a memorable Wednesday evening.

With the booze flowing freely, a merry time was had by all as the wholesaler treated stakeholders, including local bar, hotel and restaurant owners (and of course journalists – the media never miss a chance for a free drink or three), to a variety of wines and gins sold at Trident.

As well as the alcohol, the night featured food pairing, with cheese, grapes and crackers proving the perfect snacks to accompany the wonderful wet stuff.

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Suppliers exhibiting their wares included: Coca-Cola, Kathiku Beverages, Lactalis, the Heineken Group, Benju, SMC Wines, and Lancewood Cheese.

Giving a debrief on the wine-tasting initiative, which was taking place for the second time and included a tour of the store, located in Ghetto’s Industrial location, Acting Store Manager, Lesego David said the idea was to bring supplier and consumer together in a relaxed setting.

“This event allows our suppliers to interact with their end consumers, who are our customers as Trident retailers. This networking session also allows them to learn what end customers want and don’t want, as well as what to improve on, and then we, as the middleman, ensure that it is stocked and piled high in the store for them,” explained David.

One of the invited guests, who runs Sparetime Lounge in Tatisiding, hailed the scheme an excellent idea and a huge success.

“Since the beginning of the wine testing event last year, we have had control over what is stocked in stores. We get to taste and appreciate all of the wines and gins from our suppliers, as well as determine what we would want to see in the store,” he stated.

The bar owner further told Voice Money last year’s event had helped boost their wine sales and was confident of similar results this time around.

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“I have learned what food goes well with all these different wines that we just got to taste, and I now have an idea of what kind of finger foods to serve to my wine customers,” he said.

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