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Tiego Mpho to contest Maun West under AP

Innocent Tshukudu

Tiego Mpho, a prominent opposition politician in Maun who recently resigned from the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) to remain within the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), has now joined UDC’s new alliance partner, the Alliance for Progressives (AP).

Mpho’s decision to join the AP is motivated by his intention to contest the Maun West Parliamentary seat under the AP banner in the upcoming general elections expected in October 2024.

Confirming this significant move, Mpho stated in an interview, “As a direct member of the UDC, I was not aligned with any of the UDC’s contracting partners. Given the allocation of Maun West to the AP, it made sense for me to join the AP. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that, as of January 9th, 2024, I am a member of the AP within the UDC.”

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When asked about the implications for his UDC membership, Mpho clarified, “I am a card-carrying life member of the UDC. My loyalty remains with the UDC – I am a true Royal Blue, committed through and through.”

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