The Spirit of Christmas

Francinah Baaitse Mmana

Unemployed youth donates to Maun’s needy

When most of us were busy taking full advantage of the slashed prices that came with Black Friday, a young author from Maun used the day to give back to the needy.

Despite being unemployed, 28-year-old Lopang Diteko saw fit to share the little he has with those who need it most.

“The spirit of Christmas is about celebrating Christ and giving to others,” notes the ‘Chainless Prison’ writer, a member of both The Voice of Hope church in Maun and 3G Ministries in Kopong.

As his way of keeping this spirit alive, on Friday 26 November, Diteko donated food hampers to seven underprivileged families in the tourist town’s Boyei ward.

“Our father, prophet Cendric, teaches us not to give only when we have plenty, because if you cannot give when you have little, then you cannot give when you have a lot,” explained the wordsmith on his act of kindness.

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Diteko revealed he used the revenue raised from his book launch on 29 October, as well as proceeds from sales – which amounted to around P2, 000 – to fund the donation.

“I bought the hampers with all the money I made from the book sales. Even though I was left with nothing in my pockets I feel so fulfilled and rich in spirit,” he told Voice Money.

Urging others to follow his example, Diteko warned that due to the crippling affect of Covid-19 on many households, both financially and in terms of loss of life, this Christmas more than ever before people should show their thanks to Christ by giving.

“It is this year that we have to come back to Christ and remember to thank God for saving us. We are alive today yet multitudes perished. God does not only live in church and prayer alone is not enough – that is why I am encouraging my fellow Christians to show the greatness of our Lord through our actions and uphold the spirit of giving as well and make an impact in our communities,” concluded the inspirational youth.

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