ROBBED: Phenyo Maitshotlo

SA thugs rob man of P61 000

A 40-year-old Physical Education teacher from Lobatse, was recently searched and robbed of USD5.5, an equivalent of P61 000.00 in South Africa

The distraught robbery victim, Phenyo Maitshotlo said that the money was a personal loan he got from First Nation Bank (FNB), to buy a grey import G.T. I. Golf in Durban, South Africa.

Speaking to The Voice in an interview the frustrated, Maitshotlo said that on Good Friday he took a trip with a local car dealer, Kabelo Mabote to South Africa to buy a car.

“Mabote had long pestered me before the loan was approved to join him on a trip to buy a truck for his cousin, so I obliged him since he knew the territory better than me,” he said

On the way, Mabote told Maitshotlo about a friend who knows best garages that sell cars at a reasonable price.

When they arrived, garages were closed so the two friends went to the beach at Mabote’s suggestion where they coincidentally met Mabote’s knowledgeable friend.

After the beach, the search for the GTI began in earnest but along the way two armed thugs, who searched Maitshotlo only and got away with the cash, attacked them.

“The thugs unzipped my trousers and took the US dollars that I had stuffed in my boxers and left me with R6000, a smartphone and two bus return tickets that I had while Mabote and his friend looked on.”

Local police have advised him to return to South Africa and open a robbery case citing Mabote and his friend as possible suspects.

When asked about the robbery case, Mabote angrily said ‘O mpotsa dilo di sele,’ which loosely translates, ‘You are asking me nonsense,’ before he hung up.

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