Suspected thief beaten to death

FACING THE MUSIC: White (white top) and Mokgopho

Mob justice brutally brought the Grim Reaper to Tatisiding village’s Phusumani ward on Saturday night as a Zimbabwean man suspected to be behind a spate of break-ins in the area was beaten to death.

The cops have since managed to arrest Thapelo Mokgopho, 25, and 36-year-old Ishmael White in connection with Godwill Nkomo’s murder and remain on the hunt for further suspects on the loose.

It is not known exactly how many people took part in the fatal beating.

The arrested pair appeared before Francistown Magistrate Court on Tuesday when the charge was put to them and plea reserved.

The State Prosecutor, Kelebonye Matsapa was meant to bring the Investigating Officer before court to argue why the suspects should not be granted bail.

However, Matsapa explained that the IO was held up trying to locate the slain man’s family.

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“The deceased is from Zimbabwe so the IO is liaising with Zimbabwe Police to help find the parents. We are also awaiting the postmortem. We fear that granting the accused bail might interfere with the investigations,” said Matsapa, adding the investigating team were still to record statements from possible witnesses.

When the accused were given a chance to address court, Mokgopho demanded to know where the other suspects were.

“I heard that the police arrested more people,” he insisted.

Similarly, White maintained he had no idea why he was in court.

“I am surprised to be one of the accused persons while I was taken to be the state witness. I am the one who assisted by calling the police. Even my phone still has the number 999 which I was trying to call them,” he maintained.

The suspected killers were remanded in custody until 15 March.

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