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‘Our overtime is overdue!’

Kabelo Dipholo
ICONIC BUILDING: Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital
  • DHMT Industrial Class workers demand 7 months of due overtime

Industrial Class workers in the Greater Francistown District Health Management Team (DHMT) are calling on the Minister of Health, Edwin Dikoloti to intervene in a standoff with management over unpaid overtime allowances.

'Our overtime is overdue!'

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, the employees said while their counterparts from other DHMTs and other departments such as the Veterinary Services are being paid their dues without any hassles, in Greater Francistown their overtime allowance has been withheld for seven months without any explanation.

“We submit our claims every month, but we’re not being paid,” complained one exasperated worker stationed at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital.

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The employee said they have approached the relevant offices on numerous occasions but are still to receive a satisfactory explanation.

“We’ve been told our claims are at the Accounts office, but no one is explaining why they’ve been not been processed in the last seven months. I’m a mother and have kids to feed, and that is money I worked hard for,” she said, adding that as a cleaner she is owed over P3, 000.

“That’s a lot of money for someone on my wage!” she grumbled.

Another employee, stationed in Tonota, said when he last enquired an officer told him ‘they were too busy’ with other important tasks.

“He told me that processing overtime allowances was not a priority to them,” he said, adding he was due around P7, 000.

Responding to a questionnaire from The Voice, DHMT Public Relations Officer 1, Keekae Majeremane confirmed some of their employees have not been paid some overtime moneys due to them.

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“Although we acknowledge the delayed payment, we wish to state that the period of the delay is not seven months as purported,” he said without giving any details on how far the delay dates back.

“However, this issue is currently on the table and the Greater Francistown DHMT is giving it utmost attention and will rectify in the coming days,” promised Majeremane.

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