Students lose property in hostel fire

Gofaone Koogotsitse
UP IN SMOKE: Hunhukwe school dormitories

Authorities at Hunhukwe Primary School are racing against time to restore the situation after a raging inferno burned down the boys’ dormitory on Sunday evening.

The boarding primary school, located in Kgalagadi District, housed 42 students who lost all their property, including blankets, mattresses, and school uniforms.

Acting Station Commander at Tshane Police, Assistant Superintendent Osimilwe Mangena, confirmed the incident, noting that only one of the two boys’ dormitories was affected.

“We’re investigating the fire incident. Although everything was burned to ashes, there were no injuries. Our team visited the scene, and the value of the burned property has not yet been established,” explained ASP Mangena.
The fire reportedly started after two Standard 2 boys were playing with matchsticks.

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One boy set fire to the other’s blanket, and the boy retaliated by burning his friend’s blanket, leading to an uncontrollable blaze that engulfed the dormitory.

The boarding master heard the students’ screams for help and immediately reported the incident to the police. Community members assisted the police in extinguishing the fire.

According to the police, this week’s lessons were not affected, and authorities have been working to provide the students with blankets and toiletries.

ASP Mangena disclosed that social welfare officers would be engaged to assist, given the involvement of minors in the incident.

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