Serial rapist convicted

Cathrine Moemedi
GUILTY: Koomogile

A serial rapist who is facing four counts of rape before Maun magistrate court has been convicted of two of the cases.

Although the court is yet to sentence him on September 11, 2020, 47- year- old Maithamako Koomogile of Boronyane ward was found guilty of raping a 17-year old school girl and a 16- year -old, teenager whom he violated a week after the first rape incident while she was on her way to church.

Facts presented before court are that on the August, 19, 2018, which was a Friday morning, Koomogile passed by the girl’s homestead in Disaneng ward and found her about to leave for school. The rapist then asked about her parents’ whereabouts, and the girl told him they were not home.

The stranger is said to have walked with the girl towards the school direction and according to the girl’s testimony, she let her guard down and became comfortable with him because he was under the impression that he knew her parents.

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However along the way, not very far from her home, the man swiftly dragged her into the bush and raped her.

The medical report suggested that the girl was a virgin at the time of the brutal attack.

When passing Judgment magistrate Thebeetsile Mulalo mentioned that the doctors had, “ noted a perforated hymen.”

A week after the first rape, Koomogile, in a similar fashion pounced on the 16- year -old girl of Sedie ward walking alone to church on a Sunday morning.

Information before court has suggested that on that fateful Sunday the girl met Koomogile on a bushy road and he struck a conversation with her by asking here where she was going.

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After telling him she was going to Healing Waters Church, the man said he too was headed to the same church and the two walked together.

However, when they reached a bushy area he demanded for her to take off her clothes and when she resisted, he pulled her deeper into the bush and raped her.

When she finally got a chance to escape, she ran for her life with one shoe off and met a man who helped her walk to the church from where she was taken to the police and hospital.

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Koomogile denied the allegations but the court pinned him down to the offences.

“The Prosecution called a total of twelve witnesses including the victims in the matter. This court finds the witnesses to be trustworthy as they have remained consistent in their testimony throughout the trial,” said Magistrate Mulalu when pronouncing the guilty verdict

According to Mulalu, both victims were taken to hospital and the medical examination proved a forceful penetration which is a clear indication of sexual assault and they both identified Koomogile as the culprit.

Koomogile has other two pending rape cases before magistrate Mmoloki Sibanda.

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