Sanitary pads restore schoolgirls’ sanity

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: The donated toiletry

In a bid to ease the girl child’s time at school and allow them to concentrate fully on their studies, a local church has donated toiletry to Maun Senior Secondary School’s female boarders.

In total, Christian Empowerment Church handed over 50 hampers worth P9,500. The gifts included: sanitary pads, body lotion, pure glycerine, 2kg washing powder, bath soap, shoe polish, roll-on and toilet paper among others.

Visibly moved by the gestures, the school’s acting Deputy Head, Tjabanga Hureva, noted availing sanitary pads and toiletry to young girls is a way of lifting their self-esteem and can have a big impact on their academic performance.

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“When girls grow into young ladies, their bodies change and they have special needs to take care of that. Girls need more toiletry than boys as even their hairs have to be kept well,” noted Hureva.

The acting deputy revealed the school currently houses over 100 boarding girls, adding it has recently become apparent some parents lost their jobs during Covid-19 and are no longer able to provide certain basic needs for their children.

“Yes, the boys have also been affected, they also need support. But when a girl runs out of sanitary pads, she cannot come to class that day – it can completely destroy her confidence and interest in school,” Hureva pointed out.

Meanwhile, the church’s leader, Okabetse Toteng, commonly known as Thunder Barrack, explained they saw fit to donate especially to boarding students as they spend most of their time away from their parents.

HELPING HAND: Pastor Toteng

“Our leader, Sheperd Bushiri, has taught us that we need to spread love and show our fear of the Lord, not only in church but in everything we do, including outside the church,” reiterated Toteng, whose church is based in Sedie ward.

The pastor further noted when a child does not have basic needs, their education suffers, which ultimately has a lasting effect on their future.

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“Nobody wants to mix with others while not smelling good. So, this is our role in raising a girl child and leaders of tomorrow, to show them that they are not alone,” Toteng declared.

Reiterating these sentiments, another of the church leaders, Kabo Malela, added, “These are hard times; people have lost their jobs and their children need not suffer when the community can step in and help.”

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