Rastaman’s shame

Christinah Motlhabane

*Facebook cat fight exposes boyfriend’s wandering eye

A boyfriend with a wandering eye was forced to apologise to his stay-in girlfriend and another angry woman who found herself caught in the crossfire.

38-year-old Norman Mangoyani was at the centre of an ill-fated Facebook post by his girlfriend Lucia Dube.

The remorseful Dube, 29, shared a picture of her suspected love rival Bochilo William on the ‘Find it in Francistown’ Facebook page last Monday.

The pic included a damning caption that read, ‘Sefebe se se mpolaile bathong #Botshelo o nna ko Newstance.’ This b***h killed me guys, #Botshelo who stays in Newstance).

Although she deleted the post half-an-hour later, the damage was already done.

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The following afternoon, an angry William marched into The Voice’s Francistown office, dragging Dube and the dreadlocked Mangoyani with her and demanding they clear her name.

“I received a call from my sister on Tuesday morning asking about the post. I also received messages from friends and relatives who wanted to know about the Facebook post,” revealed the fuming 27-year-old, adding she never saw the offending post because it was removed by the time she checked it on the popular Francistown social media group.


William told The Voice that the culprit, under a pseudo account titled ‘Jason Khupe’, used her WhatsApp Display Picture for the damaging post.

“Earlier I had received an SMS from an unknown number asking me to stay away from their man. I immediately connected the dots that the sender of that message was probably connected to the Facebook post,” she explained, her voice shaking with rage as Dube, sitting across from her, studies her nails.

Admitting that Mangoyani had made numerous advances on her, William denied ever having a relationship with the older man, who sat slumped in his chair as his alleged love interest striped him bare.

“I’m not in love with his man. Yes he made advances but I turned him down because I have a man,” she said, fixing Mangoyani with a steely stare.

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“I asked Norman about the post, he told me his girlfriend confessed to posting it,” she added.

A devastated William said although Dube apologised, she felt it was not enough and demanded that she should do it on a public platform.

“My reputation has been ruined, my name soiled over something that is absolutely untrue!”

A visibly shaken and remorseful Dube told The Voice that she posted the picture after reading text message exchanges between her boyfriend and William.

“I was hurt. They were appointing to meet and he even called her love. That is why this past Saturday I sent her a message warning her to stay away from my man.

“I realise now that what I did was childish, that is why I removed the post within 30 minutes. I unreservedly apologise to her for the hurt and embarrassment I caused,” said Dube, fighting back tears as she speaks.

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Next to apologise was Mangoyani who put the blame squarely on himself for setting the women against each other.

“Had I not approached Bochilo this would never have happened. I really don’t know what to say. I’m ashamed!” Mangoyani sobbed, burying his face in his palms.

The couple’s remorse seemed to satisfy William, who left with her sisters. Mogoyani and Dube departed soon after, the strained silence suggesting the rastaman was in for an earful when he got home.

Although William chose not to report the matter to the police, Letlhakane Police Station Commander, Michael Maphephu said for such an offence a person could be charged with common nuisance or cyber crime and computer related crime depending on the investigations.

“Cyber crime and computer related crime can attract 20 years imprisonment while common nuisance can attract a fine of not more than P200,” confirmed Maphephu.

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