Pervert nurse jailed

Kabelo Dipholo
Kasane Magistrates Court

A nurse who slid his penis into a patient’s vagina during a routine examination was slapped with a 10 year prison term by a Kasane Magistrates Court.

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Makinahill Munemo, 58, who was stationed at Mabele Clinic in the Chobe District appeared before Senior Magistrate Kose Makobo charged with one count of rape for his hideous act.

The Zimbabwean national is said to have had unlawful carnal knowledge of a patient on 1st February 2023 at Mabele Clinic, Kucharara ward.

The patient (names withheld) had come for a routine vaginal examination at the government clinic where upon arrival Munemo asked her to lie on her back on the examination couch.

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Relating her ordeal in court, the victim said Munemo gestured to her to have her bottom at the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide. With her bottom slightly off the mattress, it made it easy for the standing nurse to reach her vagina.

The victim told court, that as it is procedural, the disgraced nurse initially inserted his fingers into her vagina, removed them and then slipped his erect manhood into her birth carnal.

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“My face was covered, but after he removed his fingers there was another penetration which felt like a penis, and I could feel its vibrations,” she said.

The victim told court that she immediately jumped off bed and grabbed the accused, slapped him across the face and asked him what he was doing.

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In the ensuing altercation the victim pulled off the accused’s wrist watch, tore his shirt, pulled his trousers and tore his button.

However Munemo’s evidence in chief was that after he was satisfied with the examination, he took his fingers out, and turned his back to examine them to determine if anything was amiss.

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“It was at this stage that the complainant got off the examination couch and violently grabbed my shirt shouting that I had put my thing in her vagina,” he said.

The defence further put it to the victim that since she admitted to have last had sexual intercourse on 22 December 2022, she yearned for sex and must have had her mind running wild during the examination.

It was a suggestion the victim brushed off, stating that she was capable of abstaining from sex for months, and was knowledgeable enough to distinguish a finger from a penis.

Sentencing the the convict, Magistrate Makobo said she found nothing to doubt in the complainant’s evidence that indeed the second penetration was of a penis.

“The penetration of fingers is found to have been for medical examination, the only conclusion I can make on evidence is that the penetration of a penis was for sexual gratification,” she said.

Makobo further said the accused’s version that he was attacked by the complainant while facing away was never put to the complainant in cross examination.

“The complainant’s manner and time of reaction were not challenged. It therefore is a proven fact that the complainant immediately jumped off the bed and attacked the accused face front,” said Makobo.

“What now lies to be determined is whether there’s evidence that the second penetration was a penis. That evidence is directly from the complainant. She professed herself as knowledgeable in sexual intercourse matters and could distinguish between a finger and penis penetration from her own and husband’s practices with both,” Makobo said before handing down a 10 year jail term backdated to 4th July 2023, the date that Munemo was incarcerated following conviction.

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