Of our VPS and their trophy wives

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IN HAPPIER TIMES: Chiwenga and Mary

At some point, Mary Chiwenga thought she had arrived.

She was married to the country’s Army General who would later become the Vice President. She even gave herself the title, second lady when her husband was appointed the country’s second in command!

She had it all, opulence and power as she reportedly ordered the dismissal of her ‘enemies’ working in companies linked to the government.

In December her life came tumbling down like a deck of cards. She was arrested on charges of fraud, money laundering and attempted murder as she allegedly tried to kill her husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, while he was hospitalised in South Africa.

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The last accusation has all the marks of a trumped up charge, but that is a story for another day.

What is also clear about the whole case is that the 64-year-old Vice President used the system to fix and humiliate his once trophy wife.

Mary was arrested a few days before Christmas and was denied bail up until last week when she was freed on $50, 000ZWL (P35, 000) bail.

The system, no doubt acting on orders from the VP, made sure the 34-year-old former model spent the festive season at the notorious Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

As if she had not suffered enough, when she was freed, Mary was barred from entering the family’s home located in Harare’s upmarket suburb, Borrowdale Brooke and from seeing her minor children.

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It’s really hard to feel sorry for Mary, who some have labelled a gold digger who deserves all that’s coming her way.

She played with fire and the fire is now ruthlessly burning her fingers.

Some say to the Vice President, Mary was a trophy wife who was meant to play by the rules. After all, her husband is a former Army Commander who is used to barking out orders with no questions asked.

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She may also have married the man more for his fat pocket than anything else.

But surely she must have been fully aware of the pros and cons of her decision.

By the way, those in the know say Mary’s biggest sin was to allegedly cheat on the VP, as the aging man is reportedly no longer strong enough to satisfy the young wife.

No wonder Chiwenga is behaving like a wounded buffalo as he continues to tighten screws on everything involving Mary.

And while Chiwenga continues to fight with Mary, a fight which is revealing just how wealthy these people are, there are reports that the other Vice President, Kembo Mohadi’s union with a young woman is also falling apart.

LOVEBIRDS: Mohadi and partner

Mohadi ‘introduced’ his young girlfriend to the public while his nasty divorce to his first wife was still playing out in the press.

The woman has reportedly eloped and the Vice President is allegedly having sleepless nights trying to locate her.

I am sure she did not leave empty-handed.

What is it with our leaders and these young women? Or maybe I should say, what’s with these young women and these old madalas?

Either way, it seems it never ends well for any of the parties involved!

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