No Janu-worry!

Cathrine Moemedi
UNITED: Nhlato (l), Biorn (m) and Kenewendo

Molaya kgosi trust preaches financial empowerment

Molaya Kgosi Trust hosted the first installment of their 6 Degrees of Separation Interactive Sessions in Maun last Saturday.

Speaking at the event,which has already been held in Gaborone, former Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Bogolo Kenewendo revealed the 2020 theme is financial empowerment.

“We believe financial empowerment is one key foundation of getting your life together and living a purposeful life,” explained Kenewendo, who is also a founding member of the trust.

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However, Saturday’s session took place under a special theme relevant for the first month of the year,‘No Januworry 2020’.

According toMolayaKgosi Trust memberLaone Dessert, it has become common practice that almost everybody is broke and ‘eating cabbage’ in January as a result of over spending during festive holidays.

“It is now a culture in our country that when January comes everybody is broke and borrowing money because we failed to manage our finances. We forget that December salaries are supposed to pay for January expenses,” Dessert highlighted.

The session, which was facilitated by Kenewendo, was intended to educate and inform the young women on how best to survive ‘the cabbage month’.

‘No Januworry 2020’ was tackled by three panelists: Dr Didi Biorn, Tebogo Nhlato and Trevor Modise, who stressed the importance of budgeting and sticking to the budget.

Biorn briefed the audience on the psychological perspective, noting that ‘black tax’ (a term used to describe youth who share their salary with immediate and extended family) is real and must be budgeted for.

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She also encouraged people to know their limits and have boundaries when it comes to helping out friends and family financially.

“We have to exercise emotional intelligence in order to avoid falling prey to social pressures of spending money,” she said.

The three panelists also highlighted the need to understand the relationship we have with money in order for us to handle it better.

The participants were urged to utilize various banking services to their own benefit, with the advice that there is more to just having a bank account.

MolayaKgosi Leadership and mentorship program is a non-profit organisation established under MolayaKgosi Trust.

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The programme filters from the Young African Women Leaders Forum initiated by the former First Lady of The United States, Michelle Obama.

It seeks to bridge the gap between generations, promoting intergenerational dialogue on career and leadership.

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