No arrest warrant against Gaoberekwe

Bame Piet
DEFIANT: The deceased's relatives

Gantsi police have denied knowledge about reports that a warrant of arrest has been issued against some members of the family of Pitseng Gaoberekwe for defying a December 12th Court of Appeal order that compelled them to bury him within seven days at a designated cemetery outside the Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve.

Family spokesperson Loeto Smith could not confirm or deny that he or any family member is facing jail time saying he only heard about the warrant from the rumor mill.

“I am far away in the settlements right now and I have heard a rumor that there is a warrant of arrest issued against me. I don’t know who issued it and why,” he said via a telephone call this week.

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Smith confirmed that the body of Gaoberekwe is still lying at a mortuary in Gantsi 13 months after his death.

Officer Commanding for No.6 District, Senior Superintendent Thari Senwelo, said he was not aware of any such Warrant.

“At this point we have not received any warrant of arrest against any member of the Gaoberekwe family and it can only be served by Botswana Police Service if it exists. Yes, I can also confirm that the old man’s corpse is still lying at a local mortuary,” he said.

The family insists that they want to bury Gaoberekwe in Metsiamanong settlement in the CKGR, whilst the government says they should bury him in New Xade where he was a registered resident.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s office has maintained a black out in communication channels since the ruling and reports that the family has indicated its intentions to approach the International Court of Justice.

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