‘Ear cutting’ accused to spend x-mas in jail

SLICED OFF: Gosego Lucas recovering from her ordeal

A man accused of cutting off his girlfriend’s ear and forcing her to eat it, will be chewing on prison food this festive after court remanded him in jail until January.

38-year-old Joseph Besent left Molepolole Magistrate Court a broken man on Tuesday morning, his red, damp eyes betraying his despair.

It was a far cry from the individual who strut boldly into the courtroom just a few hours earlier, confident he would be granted bail.

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In a blood-curdling incident that made front-page news, the Kumakwane man is said have carved off his longtime lover, 39-year-old Gosego Lucas’ ear on 7 September.

Not content with that, Besent reportedly stuffed the mutilated ear down Lucas’ mouth and made her swallow it.

The couple, who have a child together, were on their way to the lands to collect a goat to slaughter for the family at the time of the alleged ear biting.

Despite the gory charges against him, Besent demanded to know why he was being kept locked up when Lucas had long been discharged from hospital.

“I also requested to be taken to the lands to check my things. Furthermore, I am asthmatic – I need special care and when having difficulties there is no one to assist me,” argued the suspect.


Earlier, Prosecutor Sergeant Modise Masala told court the state was yet to record Lucas’ statement, adding she is confused and does not remember what happened.

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He further revealed Lucas is scheduled to undergo a psychiatric examination on 21 January.

“We still have fear for the safety of the victim, also that the accused might interfere with our investigations,” added Masala.

For his part, the accused’s attorney,Sesupo Masaka disputed prosecution’s argument that Lucas was in danger and insisted his client should be given bail.

“If the police have fear, the court has the power to set bail conditions. The complainant has long been released around September 26th and she is staying at her house very far from the accused’s place. Also there has never been any attempt of the accused trying to visit the complainant,” stated Masaka, his voice rising like thunder.

“Why are we anticipating this will happen while there are no facts? Bail is not punishment, he will be tried and imprisoned if found guilty. Until then, he should not be spared his liberty,” maintained Masaka.

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However, his rousing speech failed to move the Magistrate, who extended Besent’s remand until his next court appearance set for 8 January.

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