Mother hangs herself after daughter steals granny’s money


Police in Sojwe have confirmed the death of a 39-year-old woman at Otse village who committed suicide last Thursday night after her daughter stole her grandmother’s money.

The deceased is said to have been found hanging from the rafters by her 11-year-old daughter at her yard which is adjacent to her grandmother’s.

Confirming the heart-wrenching incident, Sojwe Police Station Commander, Superintendent Kitsiso Lemogang, said the matter was reported to the police the same day at around 8pm.

“The deceased had a misunderstanding with her 62-year-old mother and later on she went missing for a while. Later when the girl went home, she was shocked to find her mother hanging from the rafters,” explained the concerned Superintendent Lemogang.

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According to the police, the grandmother had realised that her P200 was missing and she suspected the young girl to have taken the money. She then went to the neighbours to check the girl and they told her that they saw her buying at a nearby tuck-shop.

The grandmother who proceeded to the truck-shop looking for the girl later saw her sitting under a tree playing with the toys she hadbought from the tuck-shop with her money.

The young girl allegedly used P50 to buy the toys and her grandmother took the remaining P150.00.

Angered by her granddaughter’s misdemeanor, the woman allegedly confronted the girl’s mother demanding that she pay back the P50 that her daughter stole.

An argument ensued and thereafter the girl’s mother went to her place where she ended her life.

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Her body was taken to the hospital where it was certified dead and her daughter has since been handed over to the Social Welfare Office for counselling.

Superintendent Lemogang advised people to seek counselling from village elders, counsellors and police officers whenever they have problems.

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