Local designer dresses Makhadzi

Sharon Mathala
LOCAL DESIGNER: Naledi Phalane

A moment on the spotlight for Star Hazek Studio

The much anticipated one woman show happened over the weekend, and whilst official numbers are yet to be released, Makhadzi on her official social media pages has said that there were approximately over 20,000 people in attendance.

Whilst the main highlight of the show was undoubtedly the exhilarating performances by all artists who brought their A game on the stage , what also stood out was Makhadzi’s eye catching costume created by a young and talented Botswana designer who against all odds became the brains and hands behind the South African star’s look.

29- year-old Naledi Phalane displayed what perseverance and determination can yield in business.

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After doors were slammed in his face, Phalane waited for Makhadzi’s entourage in the hotel parking lot for hours until he got access to the star.

In an interview with Voice Entertainment Phalane has told how he started his campaign to dress Makhadzi weeks ago.

His efforts however led to nowhere as no one from Makhadzi’s team was willing to listen to him.

“I finally found a contact to the organisers and I told them of my desire to dress Makhadzi but they shut me down,” said the designer.

Local designer dresses Makhadzi
STUNNING: Makhadzi dressed by Phalane

Undeterred he went ahead and conceptualised the costume despite the rejection.

On the day of the event, he decided to try his luck and went to Makhadzi’s hotel.

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“Because I did not have an appointment I was obviously turned back at the hotel. It was a risky move but something in me just told me to go ahead with it. I had to take the chance,” he said.

Still at the hotel Phalane once again tried to convince the organisers of the music festival to give him a chance. He had three costumes readymade, but the organisers still turned him down.

After hours of waiting at the hotel parking lot, by a stroke of luck he bumped into one of Makhadzi dancers.

“I told him that I had brought costumes for Makhadzi and he went up to her room to tell her. When he came back I could not believe it. She had agreed to at least give me audience. My heart was pounding as we went up to her room,” Phalane shared.

According to the young designer Makhadzi loved his costume at first glance and immediately took a decision that the costume would be her opening look.

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“I could not believe it, I had made one for her and two for her back up dancers. We did the fittings and everything fitted perfectly. ,” he said.

Asked what inspired the look, Phalane said Makhadzi stage performance involves a lot of movement so he had to make something that would accommodate that but also have a bold feel for the powerhouse she is. “The colour contrast was nothing planned it just so happened,” he said.

Asked how much he was paid for the costume he replied, “ I am happy with the money. I don’t want to say how much but I am happy.”

Phalane’s studio is called Star hazek and all his clothes are custom made.

“This was a dream come true for me. I would have never imagined that I would dress a superstar. Even when I made the costumes I could have never imagined it would actually happen. To see her walk on stage with my work was truly one of my best moments in life,” he said.

Organised by Gilbert Promotions, Makhadzi’s one woman show was staged at the Royal Aria stadium in Tlokweng.

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