‘I almost died because I took long to go to hospital!’ Vee

Sharon Mathala

Singer urges Batswana to seek medical attention once they experience Covid-19 complications

Roughly a month ago, the King of Kwaito, Vee Mampeezy fell unconscious and was rushed to Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital (SKMTH).

Thanks to the care and professionalism he received, Vee lived to tell his tale, a tale of how Covid-19, stubbornness and fear of hospitalization almost killed him.

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In an exclusive interview with Voice Entertainment, the 38-year-old artist attempts to recollect the last month – parts of which he admits are still hazy.

Showing symptoms shortly after shooting a music video, Vee went for a test, which confirmed his suspicions: he had Covid.

Despite his rapidly failing health, the father-of-two chose to isolate at home, trying several home remedies suggested to him.

“I think the one mistake we make as people is that we really do not want to go to SKMTH because of the propaganda and misinformation that has been peddled, and I won’t lie and say I am any better. After testing positive I stayed home even as my health deteriorated daily,” recalls Vee, speaking with uncharacteristic gravity.

“I only went to SKTM because I was unconscious at the time,” he adds quietly.

Looking back at his stay in hospital, the ‘Dumalana’ hit-maker says he suspects the reason most people succumb to the virus is because they leave it too late before seeking professional care.

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“People go there when there is nothing left, when they are already damaged but this virus needs to be treated from the word go. We really take long to go to hospital and it is not good. The time I spent with home remedies at home almost killed me because by the time I went to hospital I was really in a bad state!”

Vee further admits he was not the easiest patient.

“I was panicking when I arrived there and did not make life easy for my doctors and nurses. Because people get there with all sorts of information we tend to want to dictate to nurses what to do, but this should not be the case because at SKMTH all of the doctors and nurses there are there for one thing, and one thing only to provide assistance to Covid-19 patients,” he tells Voice Entertainment.

Asked if he received special treatment because of his celebrity status, Vee is adamant that was not the case.

“I wouldn’t say so because when I was there, there were other prominent figures, even bigger than I am, but of course I won’t mention names. In my second week I was transferred to the general ward and I could even see the way they helped other patient so I wouldn’t say they treated me in anyhow because of who I am!” maintains the pint-sized star, who was quick to praise the cleanliness at SKMTH.

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Choosing to finish on a positive note, Vee adds, “I have seen more discharges than deaths. There are a lot of people who are discharged daily from SKMTH but we never talk about those I guess because death is a very sensitive thing.”

Urging others to trust and listen to the medical professionals, he advices, “The reason why some and not all do not make it because we don’t listen to doctors. I have seen people during my stay there refuse to take on the oxygen mask and die. I think because Covid-19 patients are really under a lot of duress and anxiety because people have died from the disease it makes things a little more sensitive and difficult,” he surmises.

As for music, Vee says he will pause his mic as he focuses his energies on getting better.

“I am not used to just staying without doing anything but truth be told I have to take it easy. It is really a miracle that I made it alive.”

NB: * Vee was keen to give a huge shout out to his incredible nurses: Sharon, Kutlo, Gaone and Doctors Kadima, Ramotladime and Thandaza.

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