Letsholo wants action against baboons and monkeys

Daniel Chida
CONCERNED: Letsholo (inset)

Member of Parliament for Kanye North, Thapelo Letsholo, has urged the government to take immediate action regarding the escalating issue of baboons and monkeys terrorizing residents of Kanye.

When responding to the 2024/2025 Budget Speech, Letsholo complained that baboons and monkeys are causing havoc in the village as they go as far as stealing food.

“These wild animals are not only stealing food but are also vandalizing property, causing significant distress and financial loss to the community. Currently, there is a glaring absence of a compensation program specifically designed to address the damages inflicted by these animals.”

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Letsholo went further and complained about the resources that are allocated to managing wildlife and human conflicts. “The resources allocated for managing wildlife conflicts in the area are woefully insufficient. The government must increase funding and resources to effectively tackle this problem.”

He also added that the introduction of a suitable compensation scheme is essential to alleviate the financial burden on the affected individuals.

He said that immediate government intervention is crucial to safeguard the well-being and assets of the Kanye community.

His plea echoes similar concerns raised by Kgosi Mosadi Seboko during a previous meeting about the high number of baboons in the Kgale area, highlighting the recurring nature of the issue and the urgency for action.

Kgosi Seboko made a plea to the then Minister of Environment and Tourism, Philda Kereng about the high number of baboons around the Kgale area.

During the 14th meeting of the fourth Ntlo Ya Dikgosi, Kgosi Seboko said that the baboons were a nuisance and a danger to pedestrians and businesspeople around the area.

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