Girlfriend stabber sentenced to five years in prison

Sharon Mathala
BEHIND BARS: Phuthegang

A jealous boyfriend who was found guilty of unlawful wounding for stabbing his heavily pregnant girlfriend five times has been jailed.

Presiding Magistrate, Tshepo Thedi, sentenced the convicted man, Vulture Phuthegang to five years in prison, with 12 months wholly suspended.

Phuthegang was convicted for repeatedly stabbing the mother of his three children; Dikago Rasego at the couple’s rented home in Mogoditshane back in 2018.

Submitting her evidence in court, Rasego told the court that she was preparing dinner on the fateful day when her lover ordered her to stop cooking and have sex instead.

A scuffle ensued and Phuthegang chased her around the yard and proceeded to stab her five times.

Passing the sentence, Thedi noted that unlawful wounding is a serious offense. “Even though it’s normal to have a dispute with someone, how we resolve them matters most,”Thedi said.

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The Magistrate further noted that, “Some people instead of resolving their disputes amicably, they resort to fighting. And some will even go to an extent of allowing temper and jealousy to override their judgments. In this case, the accused had a dispute with the complainant after accusing the complainant, being his lover of having had sexual intercourse with another man. This allegation resulted in a fight where the victim was stabbed by the accused. The accused is someone who is mature and able to distinguish between right and wrong.”

The Magistrate further noted that it is the court’s duty to protect the victim.

“It turns out that the accused is an abusive man who has a history of assaulting the complainant as there are cases of assault that were instituted or reported at the Mogoditshane Police.”

According to the Magistrate Vulture’s action were so cruel that he continued to stab his baby mother in the abdominal even though he knew she was heavily pregnant.

“Looking at the offense committed and taking the mitigation into consideration I will sentence the accused person to five years imprisonment with 12 months suspended,” Thedi ruled.

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