Ithuba set to win the lottery

I\'M THE MAN FOR THE JOB! Todd Mangadi

Named as the preferred bidder in race to operate National Lottery

Ithuba Botswana, a subsidiary of Pan African group, Ithuba Holdings, has welcomed Gambling Authority Botswana’s decision to confirm them as the Preferred Bidder to operate the country’s first National Lottery.

The company is expected to commence negotiations with the Gambling Authority, which will ultimately pave the way for the awarding of the National Lottery licence.

According Ithuba Botswana Chairman, Todd Mangadi, the latest developments could not have come at a better time for the company and indeed the country at large.

“We as Ithuba Botswana are ready to contribute significantly to the country’s economic advancement and diversity. We have a strong view that the National Lottery, which Ithuba Botswana has the capacity to sustainably operate, given our strong track record in other jurisdictions, is one of the avenues which can contribute significantly to Botswana ‘s economic growth and diversity,” declared Mangadi.

He is confident his company is perfectly positioned to empower citizens as more opportunities open up along the National Lottery value chain.

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“We wholeheartedly support the Botswana government’s push to have citizens run the economy. We view ourselves as more than just a business, but partners in the country’s growth story. Our citizen empowerment approach is hinged on our commitment to ensuring citizen participation in the rollout of the National Lottery, where citizens are shareholders of the project, empowering communities and societies in the length and breadth of the country through maximizing contributions for good causes. Through a portion of resources set aside for broad based organizations and entities, employment opportunities and skills transfer of a dynamic new industry, we ensure mark-moving and meaningful citizen participation. We also aim to stimulate the retail industry as retailers will earn a commission through ticket sales,” he stated.

Already, Ithuba Botswana has partnered with local businesses that have intimate knowledge of the market.

Its partners range from law firms, banks, marketing and communications agencies, accounting, telecommunications and many others.

“With a proven track record, sound understanding and knowledge, and experience in the lottery industry, Ithuba Botswana has the capital in terms of the guarantees required by the Gambling Authority, as well as the expertise and resources to roll out the National Lottery with immediacy, should we be awarded the opportunity. All things being equal, we can be in a position to start running the National Lottery in matter of months,” closed the Chairman.

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