Govt gags former PSP

Sharon Mathala
ON HIS WAY OUT: Morupisi

*I have decided to let it go-Morupisi

The suspended Permanent Secretary to the President, Carter Morupisi on Wednesday night beat a hasty reatreat from hosting his “tell all” press conference following a strong worded warning from government on the same day.

Issued around 20.30 pm on Wednesday night through the office of Deputy Permanent Secretary Government Communications, John Dipowe, the statement cautioned Morupisi against addressing the much-anticipated press conference and reminded the fallen top official that he definitely could not do so in a government house.

” Morupisi is on suspension as the PSP to the President and as such any tittle referring him as the PSP to the President is misleading,” further read part of the Government communication.

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The suspended PSP had promised to share with the nation “his past experiences and future plans.

He had also indicated that he was not going to remain silent about ‘things that matter.

In an interview on Wednesday night Morupisi who was recently humiliated as he walked into the high court shackled and handcuffed recently – could only say “I have decided to abandon the press conference. I will let it go.”

Probed further to share a bit of what he had intended to share with the press at the conference Morupisi said, “I do not and will not share with you. I am not sure if I will ever make the address again I will have to think about it.”

Morupisi is currently out on bail on criminal charges of abuse of office, accepting bribery and corruption in the BPOF missing millions scandal

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