Enter Robert Mugabe junior

Sinqobile Tessa
POLITICAL: Young Mugabe (left) with a local socialite Passion Java at a Zanu PF rally

Robert Mugabe Junior attended a Zanu PF rally, was given a platform to chant the slogan and it got a lot of people talking.

It was the first time for the young Mugabe, 30, to attend a ruling party gathering since his father’s ouster in 2017 and his death in 2019.

The Mugabes have obviously not been in good books with the current regime because of the coup. Many therefore wondered what Junior’s attendance meant.

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He was seated at the VIP section, he was part of the crew that personally greeted and welcomed President Emmerson Mnangagwa and when he chanted the slogan Pamberi ne ZanuPF (loosely meaning forward with ZanuPF) those in attendance responded with so much enthusiasm. He appeared to be at home and comfortable.

Does this mean the Mugabe family, especially former first lady is now at peace with the past. Obviously Junior was given the green light to attend the rally by his mother.

What now with the pending court case to exhume Mugabe’s remains since the family made it clear that they will never ever allow that to happen.

Or is it because the Mugabe family now wants to wine and dine with their former enemies to protect their interests.

Could it be that the regime forced a Mugabe to attend the rally to create more hype at their gathering; because one thing that can never be denied is the fact that the name Mugabe still excites some people even to this day.

Or maybe Junior wants to ride on the family name and his father’s popularity to launch his own political career.

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Time will tell what his attendance was all about and it won’t take long since we are going for general polls next year.

Interestingly, the ruling party won the Epworth seat, where the rally in question was held. The constituency, which is in Harare was previously held by the opposition MDC-Alliance.

And talking of the elections, Saturday’s polls hammered the final nail into the MDC coffin, sending the once popular household name into the political dustbin.

The party failed to win even one seat in both parliamentary and council seat. In other constituencies the party had zero votes.

Instead it was big victory for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) which won 19 of the 28 contested parliamentary seats.

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The party was launched in January following endless fighting over the name MDC.

Its leader, Nelson Chamisa gloated over their victory on Monday saying next year’s elections will render ZanuPF an opposition party.

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