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This week’s stylish essentials!


Cropped blazer

Its modern, it’s fresh, and it’s a whole new way to wear your power!

3It’s time to crop it like it’s hot with totally rad cropped blazers.

Cropped Blazers are a fun play on sophisticated a tailored blaze!

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These key pieces will heat up your new season wardrobe.

The great thing is, they are not your average or obvious trends.

Expect to see a resurgence of street style culture from style mavericks that have been enjoying some sunshine! Remember, at the heart of every look is the confidence, and an ability to take disparate and ordinary pieces and make them work – whatever the occasion! Here come all the beautiful things you need to know for the new season.

Follow one of the artsy, Siyanda Bunny for more of futuristic style insets and this season’s hit list!

From cropped blazers to skirt suits, are giving a girly, edgy, or nostalgic spin on a classic look.

Go to a store and head over to the blazer section or just grab one of your blazers that you are uninspired to wear.

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Pick a blazer color or design that you like and feel matches your style and personality.

Measure where you want you crop blazer to sit.

After you have the measurements, draw out a line to follow when you will be cutting the blazer.

Finish off with a stitch that would hold the cut in place or take it to the tailor for neat finishing.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Siyanda Bunny Twitter page

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