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Girl, 15, raped by mother’s boyfriend

ILLUSTRATION: Emotional teenage girl

A teenage girl broke down during a Guidance & Counseling lesson at school this week as she revealed heart wrenching memories of how she was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend two months ago at Suping village.

Afraid of her mother’s reaction, and the implication the incident would have on the family, the 15-year-old victim decided to bottle up memories of the ordeal she suffered in April this year.

On Tuesday this week when her Guidance and Counseling teacher encouraged the students to disclose their afflictions during a Guidance & Counseling lesson, the troubled girl could not fight back the urge to pour out the anguish she has suppressed for the past two months.

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Station Commander, Superintendent Benedict Matlho, confirmed that though the incident occurred on April 20th, 2023, it was reported before the police this week Tuesday.

“A Form 1 student reported that on the fateful day, after lunch while their mother was not home and was left with the stepfather, he gave her younger siblings some money and sent them to the tuck-shop,” said the police officer.

It is alleged that after the children left for the tuck-shop, the man asked the girl to bring him a cellphone charger and he followed her into the house where he locked her inside and pushed her on the bed and raped her.

After the concerned teacher heard the girl’s sad story and she advised that the matter be reported to the police.

The Station Commander said the police were on the hunt for the suspect and were yet to arrest him.

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