Wife assaults and threatens to kill husband’s ‘Nyatsi’

Gofaone Koogotsitse
SUSPECT: Rosemary Refilwe Baraedi, THREATENED: Tshepiso Tsiripe (L-R)

A 42-year-old woman appeared for mention before the Molepolole Magistrates’ Court accused of assaulting and threatening to kill her husband’s side chick.

The suspect, Rosemary Refilwe Baraedi from Molepolole’s Magokotswane ward, was charged with two counts of threat to kill and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Particulars of the offence stated that Baraedi on February 4th, 2024 at Magokotswane ward without lawful excuse caused one Tshepiso Tsiripe to receive a threat by directly uttering the words, “Ke tlo go bolaya lebelete ke wena o tle o katelwe jaaka mmago a sule (I am going to kill you bitch so you can be buried like your mother who died).”

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On the second count, the court heard that Baraedi assaulted Tsiripe by biting her on the left thumb, breast and on the ears, causing some injuries.

It is alleged that Baraedi committed the crimes after she met Tsiripe at Bra J Bar and accused her of having an affair with her husband.

Before she uttered the threatening words, Baraedi reportedly pulled her love rival by the hair, strangled her and assaulted her with a taser.

She then reportedly threatened to kill her and attempted to carry out the threat by jumping into her car and trying to run her over.

Tsiripe also took to social media to lament her ordeal in a Facebook post that reads as follows, “Abo go nna le kgang ya mosadi yole wa go ntatela kwa ga Bra J a iketshitse katse mo go nna, a ntsatsanka ka dinala aba nkalola ka lori a re wa mpolaya, accusing me are ke ratana le monna wa gagwe a nkgolega, abo ke mo itshwarela lehaele go tla ko go nna a ikopa maitshwarelo ke re o santse o tsile go wela dingalo wa go goballa mo go one madirelo ao kana o bolaelwa mo go one ka thipa ke se kese go eleletsang nkgonne until otla ko go nna o ikopa maitshwarelo. Ke go itshwaretse mme kesa golola mowa wame tse ke di utlwang gotwe dia go diragalela gone jaana ke dinyana dikgolo di etla my sister.”

Meanwhile, Defence Attorney, Mokwadi Kgopo, said Tsiripe had filed a withdrawal statement before the police in an effort to withdraw the matter even before it was registered in court prior to arraignment last month.

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However, Kgopo revealed that since the police treat it as a serious case, they have forwarded it to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to decide if the matter should be withdrawn.

“My client was detained for two days prior to arraignment, plea has not been taken since we are waiting for DPP,” Kgopo explained.

Baraedi, who is on bail, will appear for her next mention on July 25th, 2024.

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