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Gambling Authority unveils exciting opportunities

COMING SOON: Slot machines

The Gambling Authority hosted a successful familiarization tour for the local media over the weekend.

The tour showcased the growing gaming industry in Rustenburg, South Africa (courtesy of the North West Gambling Board), providing insights into the dynamic landscape that awaits as the sector gears up for unprecedented growth in Botswana.

Following the seamless reception of numerous applications for Limited Payout Machines (LPMs), the Gambling Authority has reached a milestone with 46 requests for application purchases and 34 applicants participating in the applicants’ conference.

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16 applications were submitted, four route operator applications and 12 independent applications.

The nationwide distribution plan includes a total of 1, 900 Limited Payout and Bet Machines, unlocking opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

During the tour, members of the media explored four gaming businesses, each representing a distinct facet of the industry.

From LPMs to Sports Betting, Bingo, and Slots, the tour provided a comprehensive view of the diverse offerings within the gaming landscape.

The Gambling Authority emphasized that the LPM sector transcends mere entertainment; it is a platform for building careers and fostering innovation. The captivating nature of these machines not only redefines leisure experiences but also promises dynamic and diverse job opportunities within the LPM ecosystem.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, citizens with diverse interests and skills can anticipate exciting prospects for employment and entrepreneurship. The Gambling Authority remains committed to creating an inclusive and thriving gaming environment that benefits both operators and the communities they serve.

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