Chillin Out Friday April 05, 2024

BAD BOYS: Euphonic, Black Coffee and Fresh with Diddy


Shaya spent part of the long weekend attending various festivals.

It’s always great to see Batswana enjoying themselves but Shaya was concerned by how some people behave when having fun.

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Dr. Vom’s hit song ‘Tsaya Thobane’ is a staple at music festivals year all year round but what about the safety of concert goers?

Big weekend Friday April 05, 2024
DANGEROUS: Dr Vom with crowd during Tsaya Thobane performance

Shaya was shocked to see people carrying logs and camp chairs amongst many other objects as their “Thobane”.

This can only be a security hazard, especially around the wrong, rowdy crowd. Shaya calls on Dr. Vom to condemn the use of dangerous objects as props to dance to his song..

You never know when hooligans might take advantage or even drop such objects on innocent individuals.


Despite being sidelined for doping for three years, 2012 Olympic Silver medallist in the 800 metres, Nigel Amos, continues to radiate joy and positivity.

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Shaya watched the controversial athlete mingling with people at the GIMC Afro Tech and even flashing his infectious smile.

Big weekend Friday April 05, 2024
BIG FUN: Nijel Amos with friends

The suspension seems not to discourage him that much as he remains unchanged, captivating those around him.

Shaya wishes you can also focus on training and go slow on the bottle so that you come back a better athlete than before.


American rapper, record producer and record executive, P Diddy, is in trouble. The founder of Bad Boy Records and business mogul is on the run following a raid on his two homes in Los Angeles.

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Diddy has been in the news for the wrong reasons since the beginning of March.

The producer faces a mounting list of civil lawsuits that allege abuse and sexual assault by multiple victims spanning over 30 years.

What has also been on the spotlight is Diddy’s famous parties.

The rapper is known to host glamorous parties attended by the world’s A-listers.

Allegedly, it is at these parties that everything went down.

Yours Truly has never been to one of these famous parties, and probably never will.

However, there are people close to home who have partied with Diddy, the likes of Black Coffee, Euphonic and DJ Fresh.

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Shaya would really love a fresh perspective on this issue from someone who has partied with the original bad boy.


Some politicians from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party in Francistown West constituency are accused of swindling a disabled person.

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The said individuals running for political office apparently swindled the young man, who was funded through a youth grant, well over P100 000.

The young man went into broiler production and, according to relatives, he has not received a single Thebe since starting his business, which was being controlled by the said politicians.

Yours Truly has learnt that the young man and his family are now being threatened with witchcraft and all sorts of things when they demand accountability.

Shame on you. How do you steal from a disabled person? Shame on you!

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