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BW Influencer Agency officially launches

Leungo Mokgwathi
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Benjamin Raletsatsi, the License Holder for Miss Botswana, has joined forces with a South African Brand and Marketing Strategist to inaugurate Botswana’s official Influencer Agency.

At the launch event held this morning, Nyiko Baloyi, the founder of Influencer Agency South Africa, introduced himself as the co-founder of Influencer Agency Botswana.

The agency aims to cater to influencers and content creators while offering brands and organizations access to the most valuable asset today: influence.

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The agency is renowned for conceptualizing Africa’s inaugural influencer digital academy, which provides accredited online short courses, a personal branding program, Africa’s premier content creators store, and its collaboration with The Rostr—an influencer marketing platform offering the most up-to-date influencer and content creators directory, among other services.

Explaining the decision to franchise in Botswana, Baloyi expressed the intent to “nurture the influencer marketing industry, empower, connect, and elevate content creators, unlock influencer opportunities, shape the future of influencer marketing, and establish a vibrant and inclusive network of influencers, content creators, and brands.”

The aim is to drive positive change and innovation within Botswana’s influencer marketing landscape.

Baloyi also took the opportunity to educate local influencers on the essence of their role.

Defining who fits the criteria, he clarified that an influencer is someone who possesses the ability to sway the decisions of others due to their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience.

“We recognize various types of influencers: social media influencers, digital content creators, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, key opinion leaders, and YouTubers.”

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In the near future, the Agency will commence its operations by enrolling and training local content creators and influencers in the art of building and sustaining a reputable, influential, and lucrative brand.


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