Docile dreamers

Sinqobile Tessa

Zimbabwe needs freedom fighters not opposition; Zimbabwe needs somebody with that ‘bravery’; what does the future hold for Zimbabwe?

The above statements were written by three random people on X this week in reaction to various scenarios.

There have been reports of continuing gold smuggling on a massive scale in Zim, with names of prominent people featuring but nothing is being done to bring them to justice.

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In fact those who were arrested got away scot free with the crime, a typical case being that of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s niece, Henrietta Rushwata, who last year was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle gold worth over US$300, 000 (more than P4 million) out the country.

After the gold mafia scandal expose by Al Jazzera in April last year, one would have thought there would be some action. However, life went on very much as usual, as if no one had been implicated in stealing gold worth millions of dollars.

No wonder they continue to loot and enrich themselves as they know nothing will be done to them; they are untouchable!

As Zimbos, we are good at mumbling away our problems and not taking action, hence, perhaps, why someone is suggesting we need an individual who has the guts to rally the masses to take the bull by its horns, even if it means going to ‘war’ seeing that the opposition has failed.

People had so much hope in the opposition, or to be precise its leader, Nelson Chamisa, to bring change but here we are, stuck with the old guard and the same old problems, with no hint of change in sight.

Currently there is no opposition party to talk about as the Citizens for Change Coalition (CCC) crumbled like a deck of cards while its founder, Chamisa seems to have taken leave from politics, at least for now.

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Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa has re-shuffled the politburo, the highest decision-making body of the ruling Zanu PF, amid reports this is part of his grand plan to pave way for constitutional amendment.

There are rumours Mnangagwa wants to remain in power beyond 2028 and for him to achieve that, there has to be a constitutional amendment.

Anything is possible in Zimbabwe and I am sure the President sees nothing wrong in doing what his predecessor did. In his mind, he’s probably thinking, “If Robert Mugabe did it, why can’t I?”

And of course he can because we are a docile people who just speak in hushed tones in times of distress.

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