Chilling details emerge in triple murder case

Cathrine Moemedi
ACCUSED: Vincent Gaoduelwe

The long-awaited murder trial of Vincent Gaoduelwe, a Maun man accused of killing three people six years ago, has finally commenced at the Maun High Court after numerous postponements.

Vincent Gaoduelwe, 41, stands accused of the brutal murders of his girlfriend, Kutlwano Kemothateng, 24, her sister, Onkarabetse Kemothateng, and Onkarabetse’s two-year-old daughter, Olga Kemothateng.

The gruesome crime, which involved hacking their heads with a hammer and slitting their throats with a knife, took place on September 7, 2018.

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The trial began with the prosecution calling only four out of the 12 planned witnesses, as defense attorney Kenny Kapinga requested a postponement to participate in ongoing constitutional review talks in Parliament.

In a harrowing testimony, 25-year-old Mmapula Kemothateng recounted the events leading up to the tragic deaths of her sisters and niece.

She revealed that Gaoduelwe had been in a relationship with her sister Kutlwano since 2007, and they had three children together. “A few days before the incident, Vincent had come to see my mother and my elder sister, complaining that Kutlwano’s new friendship with Monica was disrupting their relationship,” Mmapula testified.

On the day of the murders, Gaoduelwe, a staunch member of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), called Onkarabetse to bring Olga, who was unwell, for ZCC rituals.

These rituals, which had begun two days prior, included bathing and drinking ZCC tea.

Mmapula explained that she was supposed to accompany Onkarabetse but stayed home to cook, so Kutlwano went instead. Tragically, they never returned.

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Mmapula recalled being woken up by the police at midnight, informing them of the deaths. “I started having shortness of breath and collapsed. I woke up in the hospital where I underwent counseling. By the time I was discharged, my sisters were already buried,” she said tearfully.

Bonani Keboaketswe, Gaoduelwe’s uncle, provided damning testimony against his nephew.

He recounted how Gaoduelwe came to his house and confessed to the murders. “He said he killed three people using a hammer and a knife. I called my relatives, and we took him to the police. He led us to the crime scene where we saw the bodies,” Keboaketswe testified.

Keboaketswe’s wife, Changu, also testified, revealing that Gaoduelwe handed her a small notebook with a suicide note. “He admitted to writing the note and said he had killed people. He told us the bodies were in the bush,” she said.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, the trial faces further delays.

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Gaoduelwe’s bail has been extended to March 17, 2025, with the next status update set for February 21.

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