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Vivante’s U-turn

Something is not adding up at government enclave! Recently the Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture’s longest serving Spokesperson , Thobo Tlhasana aka Vivante was transferred to the Ministry of Local government but Lo and behold, before he could even settle the chap was transferred back.

Shaya knows the Chief Public Relations Officer to be a hard working person but this time around something seems to have happened, which caused him to be shunted around.

With eight years at the same Ministry surely the guy must possess some special skills that has made him extremely valuable there.

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Shaya is waiting for those juicy details of what transpired behind the scenes, there is no smoke without fire!

Celebrated star impregnants another woman

Shaya has been wondering what could be the problem with one of our artists.

The once loved by all star is turning himself into ‘Public Enemy Number One.’

With reports of divorce and physical abuse before, Shaya has been told that the issue is bigger than meets the eye.

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It is said that our star could be going through a depressing time in his life as he has impregnated another woman (in fact a girl) outside wedlock.

The pregnant girl lives in Block 7 in Gaborone, Shaya has been reliably informed.

What could have possibly happened?

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Shaya is an imbiber of unholy waters and often forgets what happens when yours truly is out gallivanting but what Shaya saw this weekend in Ftown at a hotel Shaya had to quickly sober up because it was too bizarre to ignore.

Well, there were these two gentlemen whose names Shaya would not mention although Shaya knows them.

Our protagonists in this drama were at a hotel reception area demanding access to the surveillance camera footage to assist them establish how they ended in the same bed.

The gentleman who spoke first told the receptionist that he went to bed at midnight with a girl but to his surprise he woke up to a man sleeping next to him.

On the other hand, the other guy claimed he had arrived at the hotel at 6am after a fun night out in the city and went into what he thought was his room and slept, only to wake up sleeping next to a man.

The two men were quickly whisked away from the prying eyes and ears of Shaya much to the disappointment of yours truly.

Patient Fondo Fire gets a job

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Fondo Fire

Shaya has received some good news heading DJ Fondo Fire’s way.

Information gathered by Shaya has it that one of the loved local DJs from White City will be joining COSBOTS, not as an ordinary member but holding a higher office.

Shaya knows you as a hard worker who has been doing it passionately not for money but just for passion.

Shaya wishes you the best and do keep the fire burning.

Chillin' out

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